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What a fantastic night of brilliant music, and you gorgeous Bridie sooo worked the room! Who needs to hit New Orleans when we've got more than enough hip vibe at Enmore? Plus I checked out the review in The Australian... you're flyin' with that "joyous stomping..."



Hi Bridie,

I got your Blue Ivories CD in the mail today. WOW!

I heard a track on Radio National's the Daily Planet last Thursday night, and I was listening thinking it was some super hot well known American outfit. I was blown away to learn you are Australian and launching a new album. I must confess to not hearing of you before. I tracked you down through RN the next day.

What an album!! Man, it will be on high rotation in my office. I am the resident purveyor of cool music at work, and they WILL be listening to this one.... a lot.

Thank you again, it is really beautiful to hear musicians with such heart and soul.




Hi there Bridie,

Haven't had a moment to email you to let you know that I thought you were totally awesome in your concert at Newtown a couple of weeks ago at Notes...

I came along with a girl friend and she and I totally love it...  I purchased both CD's on the night and again haven't stopped playing them on a Saturday when im at home.

Thank you so much for giving everyone the opportunity to experience such great talent and beautiful up lifting music.

Thanks again.... Oh and let me say that you match your music with your beauty, congrats with your exercise program you look totally fantastic..

Love Always